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Established in 1980, Paul Carruthers Manufacturing Jewellers are committed to producing unique and beautiful jewellery of the finest quality.
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Paul Carruthers Manufacturing Jewellers offer a wide range of services, including Jewellery Manufacturing, Restoration, Cleaning and Valuations for Insurance.
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Engaging a Jeweller

Or wanting their help with designing your jewellery?


What you think you’re paying for:

Someone to make your piece of jewellery.


What you are actually paying for:

Someone who has the skills to listen to your ideas and try to make sense of them.

An artist who will interpret your ideas into a design and/or an expert in CAD who can create your ideas on a screen using the essential skills they have learned over many years.

The vast array of equipment required to create your piece of jewellery through all its stages of production:

  • Design
  • Creating in metal or by casting
  • Finishing with an array of equipment including hammers, pliers, sanding equipment, soldering equipment and supplies, polishing equipment etc.
  • Setting with stones and/or having contacts in the industry that will do this expertly.

Cost and time of all these processes often including capital outlay on supplies (metals, stones and special equipment)



Rent or premises mortgage, food, housing and living expenses etc…


Now do you get an understanding of why Jewellers have to charge you to do any work on your jewellery?

You wouldn’t expect a doctor, dentist, optometrist, hairdresser, mechanic, carpenter, chef, dressmaker or electrician to work for free, would you?

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